Voyeurism: What if we took a look at this libertine practice?

Voyeurism: What If We Took A Look At This Libertine Practice?

In our last publication, we revealed to you, without restraint or almost, the essential things to know about exhibitionism. How can we not continue our discovery of the pleasures linked to libertinage by telling you about its mirror fantasy. If there are people excited about showing themselves, there are bound to be people excited about looking, right? On the other hand, for the curious, attracted by the libertine world, but still shy, practicing voyeurism is a gentle introduction. Couples can also find it an excellent, and quite discreet, way to spice up their sex life and awaken a libido which, over time, had fallen asleep a little. Like our first articles on swinging, mixing and other erotic delights ending in -ism, allow us, here, to tell you everything you need to know about this naughty and assumed voyeurism. After giving you a definition, we will give you the best ways to indulge in it with complete confidence, as well as the places in which to meet up with naughty men and women, always consenting. It is the most important !

1. Understanding voyeurism

If we take this term in the broad sense, human beings have a natural tendency towards voyeurism. Who has never slowed down on the highway (which takes you straight to the naturist village of Cap d’Agde, for example) to better see the accident that took place on the other lane? We know that it’s not good, that we risk seeing something shocking, but we can’t help it, we watch, causing a traffic jam in our direction of traffic as well. Without our voyeuristic side, how can we explain the success of the tabloid press (otherwise known as celebrity) or more recently, reality TV? And what about social networks? Looking through the keyhole, knowing what’s going on behind the door, all of this excites us. Nudity and sex in general are attitudes, ways of being, which further fuel this voyeuristic side. Thanks to libertinism, it’s a fantasy that becomes reality. In this environment, practicing voyeurism therefore means taking pleasure in contemplating other people in Adam or Eve outfits (or about to be) or in full action, alone or accompanied. The principle is to do this discreetly, in order to avoid being noticed by those happily frolicking around. It is quite obvious that the latter (our famous exhibitionists, previously presented) hope that as many pranksters as possible will attend their performance. They are sometimes even more flattered to distinguish the physical expression of this interest. To make a metaphor that will please the most music lovers among you: it is about these gentlemen who do not hesitate to take out their instrument to accompany the ensemble. It is not uncommon to see certain members of the audience join the actors to end in an orgasmic apotheosis. This is what we can call a live show!

2. Practice voyeurism in due form

We can never repeat it enough, this happens between adults and above all with full knowledge of the facts. A quick reminder of article 226-3-1 of the penal code: “The fact of using any means to see the private parts of a person other than that person, due to their clothing or their presence in a closed place, hidden from the view of third parties, when it is committed without the knowledge or consent of the person, is punishable by one year of imprisonment and a fine of €15,000. »

This being well integrated, you have, if you wish, all the leisure to indulge in voyeurism as you wish. However, it is necessary to take into account a few points before you go crazy:

  • If you want to practice it as a couple, it is very important to communicate well in advance with your partner. You must be sure that he or she agrees with this approach. You can explain to him that it is very important for you to do this together. Role-playing games and scenarios straight from your fertile and unbridled imagination can follow. Why not pretend to hide a camera in order to spy on your other half being content alone, for example? The most adventurous can even go so far as to look at their loved one and reach into the arms of someone else. Swinging, did you say swinging?
  • Single friends, you also have the right to indulge in pleasure. Either by going to dedicated places and spaces (which we will detail below) where you will certainly find the exhibitionism enthusiast who suits you. As they say, every pot has its lid. Or, by filming yourself in an intense and intimate moment and watching your exploits afterwards. Rest assured, there is always no judgment among libertines, only kindness.

3. Choose the right places to practice voyeurism

And man created the Internet

There are so many dedicated sites and applications that voyeurists have plenty to do to satisfy their inclination. Here, a platform of videos, each more inspiring than the last. There, another allowing you to chat and participate in videoconferences for masturbatory purposes. In-depth research even allowed us to discover that couples, or groups of “exhibition” friends were putting their crazy evenings online and live, to the delight of voyeuristic Internet users.

The Libertine Clubs

These are obviously the most recommended places to feast your eyes. In these establishments, everything is done so that exhibitors, voyeurs and all their frivolous friends feel free to have fun as they wish, in complete safety and legality.

The Naturist Village of Cap d’Agde

In addition to the bars, clubs, swimming pools and saunas specializing in libertinism, there is a place that will delight all those preferring to live their passion in the open air. Indeed, the famous Bay of Pigs is the part of Cape Town beach, where, after dark, voyeurs from all over the world come to enjoy the cuddles that many couples make on the sand. they may even be invited to join them, why not?

Knowing how to practice voyeurism in the best conditions was the goal of this article. We’ll see you very soon for new libertine adventures with the entire Cap d’Agde Studios team.