The 5 best sites and applications for dating in Cap d’Agde

le glamour beach au cap d'adde vu du ciel

From candaulism to swinging, exhibitionism or consenting voyeurism, the different ways of practicing libertinism  have been appealing to you and attracted you for a long time. You want to know if, during your holidays in the famous naturist village located on the shores of  the Mediterranean, other rascals and naughty people share the same desire as you to live their sexuality in such a free and unconventional way. Being able to get to know them and share moments of common summer ecstasy, in complete intimacy or not, wouldn’t it be the ultimate experience? There are several online platforms that can help you get in touch with these men, women or couples on the same page. Here are the top 5 dating sites in Cap d’Agde that will help you be well accompanied to live your fantasies and desires thoroughly.

site de rencontre au cap d'aide, vue du village naturiste

1. Wyylde, the favorite site of French libertines

Formerly known as Netechangisme, this libertine social network has more than 5 million subscribers and 700,000 visitors per day. It is the first online libertine community in France. The site allows a very high precision in searches, especially in the location of other members. You can chat with people who are in the same place as you, regardless of your sexual orientation or your expectations in terms of libertinism. There is something for everyone on Wyylde. Note that there are many couples looking for a third partner. The presence of a directory as well as an agenda on upcoming events and evenings are also very practical. Enjoy the warm evenings at Cap d’Agde!

To discover all the features of Wyylde, it’s here.

2. SDC

Much more international, SDC (for seek, discover, connect) offers libertines from all over the world to get in touch to find partners able to satisfy their desires even the most shameful. Prepare your naughty holidays in the naturist village of Cap d’Agde by catching the eye of other registrants, thanks to the creation of a profile video or the fact of being able to appear in priority in the search results all this via a paid option.

The live chat, the ability to exchange by webcam and the mobile application available on Apple store and  Google play store make its use very easy and intuitive.

Finally, the important information to remember is that SDC organizes every year, gatherings at the naturist village of Cap d’Agde, in July and August.

Do not hesitate to register right away on SDC.


rencontres cap d'aide, vue du village naturiste

3. Spicy Match, a must for dating sites in Cap d'Agde

Designed as a well-known social network, it gives the opportunity to follow and meet people interested in swinging, but also and above all to participate in events. A real directory dedicated to this practice, there is even a page solely dedicated to what is happening in Cap d’Agde where as on the previous site, gatherings of Spicy Match members are coordinated every summer. It’s a great tool to help you prepare for your vacation. There is also a very practical application with geolocation to facilitate the most exciting meetings of your stay.

Come visit the Cap d’Agde page  on Spicy Match to get your own idea.

4. Between Rascals

The site has everything to satisfy aficionados of naughty and swinger encounters. Lovers of voyeurism and exhibitionism can also find their account. Here we can find people to live relationships without taboos or tomorrow, by the way. Once again, geolocation greatly simplifies the organization of your one-night plans. This site, created by a libertine couple in 2007, is one of the pioneers of the genre. Many users claim to have spent moments rich in emotions of all kinds thanks to the platform. It’s a safe bet that you can find the perfect partners for your ultra hot  moments in Cap d’Agde sur Entre coquins.

5. Libertine square

Finally, another very popular site in France. Free and with a well-thought-out interface, it offers many easy-to-use features, such as:

  1. internal messaging;
  2. a naughty chat;
  3. consultation of the files of all other members.

Another big advantage, the free version allows exchanges with all the other registrants to make real encounters.

However, to be able to have access to all this during peak hours (from 7pm to midnight), it will be necessary to switch to paid subscriptions.

Place libertine nevertheless remains a reference in the French-speaking world.

So you have the choice regarding dating sites in Cap d’Agde, once it is done, get closer to Cap d’Agde Studio to rent the perfect accommodation for your stay in the naturist village.