Side-by-side: Choose a Gentle Start

Side-By-Side: Choose A Gentle Start

For those of you who are beginning to feel a “want for something else” regarding cuddling as a couple, don’t move, this article may interest you. It may have been a while since you felt a form of weariness, a routine that has taken hold in your sex life. You still love your partner madly, that’s not the problem, but you need to spice up your intimate exchanges a little. Of course, you’ve already heard of libertinism and a whole bunch of terms ending in -ism: swinging, mixing and all sorts of other naughty experiences. You don’t feel at all ready to try this, but there’s still a part of you that feels a certain excitement. The ideal would therefore be a practice that allows you to enter this sensual and erotic world more delicately. Have you heard of side-by-side? By reading the rest, you may be seduced by this discovery of the libertine world, all in lightness. It’s undoubtedly a good way to satisfy certain fantasies together, with complete confidence and above all kindness.

1. Side-by-side, what exactly is it?

Some people describe this practice as soft libertinism. For a couple, it is about making love together in front of (or next to) other lovers, who are also doing the same. But be careful, there is never any extra-marital contact or partner exchange. And no mixing either, between side by side, we know how to behave. Just being able to watch the other duo pleasure themselves is enough to heighten the excitement. Feeling the desire of the other pair rise at the sight of their erotic prowess also increases the ambient and especially body heat. It is a sharing of emotions, in a way, that of fluids of all kinds remaining within the legitimate couple. Less risk of the other person feeling uncomfortable or being hurt in any way. As sex therapist Nathalie Giraud Desforges explains (we can trust her): “there are fewer possibilities of harming yourself. You stay between yourselves and what is shared stays between you.”

And if this gateway to a naughty universe gave you the opportunity to discover other libertine flavors, what do you think of candaulism?

2. How can you be sure that this practice can suit you?

You are happy with your loved one, there is a lot of love between you, without a doubt. Until now, you have always found ways to spice up your sex life a little more. You have successfully experimented with a lot of things:

  • Make love in unusual places.
    Try new positions, even the most acrobatic, to make the author of the Kamasutra blush.
  • For your information, it is Vatsyayana, a scholar from the northwest who would have lived and written the work between the 3rd century BC and the 6th after (yes, pleasure and culture, that’s it the Cap d’Agde Studios blog).

  • Equip yourself with a variety of adult toys.

In short, you’ve been around a lot of ways to have fun. However, by talking with your partner you realize that routine is starting to creep up on you again. After so many years of marital happiness, you want the sexual osmosis that drives you to continue even more. The idea of trying your hand at libertinism seems to appeal to you both, but you don’t feel the courage to participate in an orgy right away. Plus, you realized that you and your other half had some pranks to explore. Indeed, there would be inclinations in you towards exhibitionism and voyeurism, which would hardly surprise you. Come on, we know that you love sending sexts, nudes or even making a few sex tapes with your lover, we’re not fools!

There is no doubt, if you are on the same wavelength, and your partner or you do not feel forced in any way, side-by-side can be right for you to keep the flame going.

3. And if that made you want to go further…

Many libertines will tell you: the fact of having set one foot (and many other parts of the body, if affinities) in this microcosm which is so special for some, but so welcoming, festive and above all respectful for those who are there. are rubbed without preconceptions, can possibly make you want to try other even more immodest activities. As examples (or reminders for our loyal readers), here is a sort of “libertine’s journey”

  • Mixture. We could consider it as the next step after side-by-side. In this practice, you can begin tactile exchanges with the couple who are frolicking next to you. We are here on caresses, touches and kisses only. For the most uninhibited, this can go as far as fellatio and other cunilingus.
  • Swinging. you have reached a milestone, since in this case it involves going as far as penetration with one of the members of the neighboring couple (or both). A real partner exchange, as its name suggests (the French language is so well done).
  • The orgy (not to mention orgy). No need for a long explanation, you certainly get the idea, you little rascals!
  • Et vous pourriez même aller jusqu’au fétichisme, BDSM, et autres aventures sexuelles encore plus pointues qui feront peut-être l’objet de publications futures. 

4. Good spots

Many libertine establishments (bars, nightclubs, among others) will welcome you with pleasure so that you can safely enjoy this new side-by-side life that is available to you.

You also have the possibility of participating in certain private parties by visiting libertine sites and applications. These allow you to come into contact with people with the same interests as you.

Finally, the heat of summer and the holidays being conducive to greater letting go, you will certainly be delighted to learn that the cream of libertinism is found every year at the naturist village of Cap d’Agde. Between evenings, pool parties, and hot relationships on the famous Baies des Cochons, thanks to your open-mindedness, you will certainly spend unforgettable moments there.

As you now know, Cap d’agde Studios has been supporting you for years to help you find the ideal apartment or studio, the perfect little love nest, in short. There you can live out your new passion for side-by-side riding in a magnificent location.