Naturism in Cap d’Agde: the history of the village

Naturism In Cap D’Agde: The History Of The Village

Giving tourists the opportunity to  indulge  in naturism legitimately in a dedicated place is the belief of the naturist village of Cap d’Agde. This seaside resort in Occitania has become, over the years, a world-famous destination recognized by all fans of this way of life that highlights nudity as an essential factor  of physical and moral well-being. Being in the simplest device makes it possible to break down certain barriers. This promotes  more egalitarian, respectful and non-judgmental exchanges. An  essential place to celebrate and  more if affinities, the naturist village and its beaches allow fans of libertinage to  devote themselves to their passion discreetly … Or not.

1. From the campsite to the village, some stages in the creation of this space of freedom

It is to two brothers, René and Paul Oltra, that we owe a revolutionary idea for the time. The adventure began one day in 1954 on the shores of the Mediterranean, near Agde. Having the habit of going for a swim naked after their workday, they find that more and more people, especially Germans, like to do the same. They then created a naturist campsite that attracted an ever-increasing number of holidaymakers every year.

In 1963, under the impetus of a mission of tourist development of the coast, the Languedoc-Roussillon region saw the construction of the seaside resort of Cap d’Agde and the transformation of the small campsite into a real naturist village.

Port Ambonne, a district from which you can access the naturist beach, won in 1974 the Grand Prix d’architecture which rewards its originality.

Since then, the village has continued to develop by offering its visitors all the amenities, activities and entertainment (more or less family) possible:

  1. apartment rentals, villas;
  2. Hotels;
  3. Supermarkets;
  4. various shops;
  5. Doctor;
  6. restaurants ;
  7. bars ;
  8. Discotheques;
  9. libertine clubs;
  10. private swimming pools and beaches.

In short, everything is available so that you are free to spend a dream holiday, in Adam or Eve outfit.

2. Codes to respect

“There is no freedom without laws” Jean-Jacques Rousseau.

For everything to go well and for everyone, there are obviously rules to know and follow when staying in a naturist village.
Thus, a naturist charter reminds everyone of several important points:

  1. Full nudity is strongly recommended inside the village, not to say mandatory on the beach, weather permitting. Except for teenagers apprehensive about the discovery of naturism.
  2. Officially, any act of voyeurism, exhibition or debauchery is absolutely not tolerated. However, regulars of certain beaches, such as the aptly named Bay of Pigs, come willingly to satisfy some of their fantasies.
  3. The use of a towel is imperative to sit in a public place. Hygiene first.
  4. The distribution of leaflets and any advertising (especially pornographic displays) are normally prohibited.

3. How the naturist village of Cap d'Agde works

In order to guarantee the safety and tranquility of all, a strict procedure for access to the naturist area is put in place.

A reception desk of the entrance service gives a magnetic card to new arrivals, programmed according to the length of their stay. The latter opens the barrier and the gate to enter the enclosure by confirming its identity to the guard. The reception remains open until late at night during the high season, to allow tenants to collect their keys. On the other hand, no access ticket for visitors is distributed after 8 p.m. This is to avoid any non-consensual voyeurism.

The presence of security guards, collaboration with the city’s police and a video surveillance system outside the site (control of unwanted visitors, especially at night), make it the safest area of the municipality.

A reminder to respect morality and public order, but also concerning the prohibition of filming and photographing, is systematically made to all those who come to enjoy the place. Everyone can come and live their naturism as they want, without stress or prejudice.

4. The inhabitants of the village

Although there are about 800 permanent residents, this figure explodes during the peak season. No less than 45,000 holidaymakers come to put their bundles in the different districts which are:

  1. Heliopolis;
  2. Port Nature ;
  3. Port Venus;
  4. Port Ambonne.

You will be able to see more clearly thanks to our plan of the naturist village.

Everyone can find his happiness in terms of housing, whether he is looking for animation or rather calm. The inhabitants live and party in good harmony, without judgment and whatever their personality. Wouldn’t that be the perfect definition of holidays?

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