Libertine Exhibitionism: The Art of Showing Yourself in the Simplest Apparatus, Among Others

Libertine Exhibitionism: The Art Of Showing Yourself In The Simplest Apparatus, Among Others

If, like a ball of wool, we pulled the thread of the different ways of engaging in libertinism, we could surely realize that there is one which lies at the origin of many others. Indeed, the fantasy of being seen in the simplest device, or even in full action, may have made some people want to go further by practicing mixing, swinging and other festivities. So let’s continue our discovery of the different, unconventional ways of experiencing one’s sexuality. Here, we will try to teach you a little more about exhibitionism or how to increase excitement to its peak by feeling the gazes of complete strangers penetrating your privacy. After giving a definition, we will focus on the ways of participating in this erotic game as well as the codes and limits to consider. We will end, of course, by giving you the places in which to indulge in “exhibition” without restraint. The place to be naked, in a way. We hope you enjoy reading this article. On the other hand, perhaps not as much as those stripping their leaves, and more if there is affinity… And certainly not sheltered from prying eyes.

1. What is exhibitionism?

To all fashionistas who love big Columbo raincoats, who feel an irrepressible desire to show their anatomy to anyone who is not prepared to receive this kind of information, right now, right now: move on (and go back to prison ) ! Here, we are talking about the excitement that some naughty people feel when showing themselves naked or in action. Knowing that they can be surprised at any time during their antics certainly doesn’t displease them, either. Disturbing and arousing the desire of spectators who have come to delight in their performance, alone or in groups, is also part of the game. It even has a very important role in the desire to become an exhibitionist. This “activity” can be the motivation, the spark that allows certain couples or singles to bring out an eroticism and a sex appeal that just needed to be expressed to spice up their sex life. You still need to know the codes to follow. This, to always be sure to offer this show to people ready to attend it.

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2. The rules and contours of exhibitionism

First of all, and without wanting to scare you, we would like to share an important point with you. In addition to our “pervert in a raincoat” story from earlier, it is absolutely necessary to remind you that article 222-32 of the penal code is quite clear: “Sexual exhibition imposed in the view of others in a place accessible to public view is punishable by one year’s imprisonment and a fine of 15,000 euros. The same goes for nudity. Notice to regulars of letting go in the great outdoors, in a dark alley or in any other place where passers-by, who have not asked for anything, can come face to face (or something else) with them. This is indeed a crime. The unreserved consent of both parties to this practice, which could not be more suggestive, must be applied. Needless to say, as with all other libertine experiences, kindness and respect are an integral part of this environment.

This clarification having been made, we now wish to highlight a type of exhibitionism which is very successful thanks to the technical progress of recent decades: digital exhibitionism. It can take on several aspects:

  • Sending hot private photos or videos, used to titillate your partner, is a good entry point into the “exhibition” world. This allows you to start gently, between trusted partners.
  • The use of specialized sites or applications. Showing yourself on all the classic social networks is already, in itself, a form of exhibitionism. It was enough for the most naughty people to have the idea of designing platforms dedicated to raising the temperature on each side of the screen of a computer or a smartphone. The digital exhibitionist loves to imagine that a majority of people could be excited by the publications she sees. In addition, it is not uncommon that finding your exploits on the web only increases your pleasure a little more.


These experiences will perhaps have the consequence of encouraging the most daring to go and reveal themselves, in the flesh, in places specially designed to welcome with open arms (or other members of the body), their need to stir up the looks.

3. Places to practice it

Libertine clubs are obviously the most suitable for coming and practicing exhibitionism. In such establishments, everything is designed to make everyone feel comfortable. The warm atmosphere, the lights, the possibility of consuming alcohol, everything is designed to make you completely abandon yourself and give free rein to your desires, even the most shameful. In this world, judgment has no place.

All fans of the thing have the opportunity to meet at the naturist village of Cap d’Agde. This unmissable place for lovers of libertinage in the broad sense (and in all senses, for that matter) offers its visitors a plethora of spots, each more inventive than the last. Everything has been thought of to give them unforgettable moments of disinhibition and celebration.

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Finally, to return to the subject that concerns us, how can we not mention, still in Cape Town, the world famous Bay of Pigs. This rather special beach in the Mediterranean has been delighting fans of exhibitionism for years. They can throw themselves, as a couple or with friends, into the craziest positions under the eyes of voyeurs, who, gun in hand, know how to appreciate this show at its true value.

If the adventure of exhibitionism (but not only) by the sea tempts you, the entire Cap d’Agde Studio team is at your service to help you find the ideal base.