Mixture: We Give You Gentle Explanations

Mixture: We Give You Gentle Explanations

If, like a ball of wool, we pulled the thread of the different ways of engaging in libertinism, we could surely realize that there is one which lies at the origin of many others. Indeed, the fantasy of being seen in the simplest device, or even in full action, may have made some people want to go further by practicing mixing, swinging and other festivities. So let’s continue our discovery of the different, unconventional ways of experiencing one’s sexuality. Here, we will try to teach you a little more about exhibitionism or how to increase excitement to its peak by feeling the gazes of complete strangers penetrating your privacy. After giving a definition, we will focus on the ways of participating in this erotic game as well as the codes and limits to consider. We will end, of course, by giving you the places in which to indulge in “exhibition” without restraint. The place to be naked, in a way. We hope you enjoy reading this article. On the other hand, perhaps not as much as those stripping their leaves, and more if there is affinity… And certainly not sheltered from prying eyes.

1. Specificities and origins of melangism

Although there are great similarities with swinging, mixed sex is, in a way, a lighter form of it. In the first case, you literally exchange your partner with that of another couple (or more, but always in a couple) for a sexual act up to penetration. Among blenders, we focus only on kisses, caresses and other touches. This can go as far as certain treats (masturbation, fellatio, cunnilingus, etc.), but only if all participants agree. Consent is very important for libertines, which is why things always go well. Another difference is that it is a group “activity” in which singles can find their place. A practice born in the rather intellectual circles of the 18th century, the fact of remaining on the surface by prohibiting coitus allows you to have a naughty moment without worrying about the transmission of certain diseases or viruses. It is for this reason, in particular, that we can explain its growing popularity in the 90s when the fear of AIDS occupied the minds of all those capable of having intimate relationships. Mixing gives pride of place to foreplay. After all, wouldn’t this be the most exciting time?

2. Concretely, how does it work?

Scenario. You are looking for new sensations in terms of carnal pleasure. You want to introduce yourself to libertinism, alone or accompanied by your partner, in a gentle and pressure-free way. You’ve already heard about swinging, but seeing the love of your life having full sex before your eyes doesn’t appeal to you. In any case, you don’t feel ready yet. In the same way, you feel no pleasure in honoring a partner other than your own. It is also possible that stress invades you as soon as it comes to discovering in depth a body that was until then unknown to you. Rest assured, mixing exists to bring you into the libertine world in a softer way. In a dedicated place (which we will see below), you can start by getting to know those who have come for exactly the same thing as you, in principle. Once the feeling has passed, a sensual game can begin to take place, slowly, without haste, without waiting for any sexual performance. You can let yourself go peacefully under the hands and lips of the people around you who, perhaps, feel the same way as you. This warmth which invades you more and more strongly as the participants caresses, kisses and other buddies, is likely (and we hope so) to make you reach an erotic ecstasy which was perhaps rarer during make your legs look classic. If you can’t hold on any longer, don’t worry, mixing allows penetration between “official” couples. From then on, you are free to give all the love withheld until now to your dear and tender one who, without a doubt, is more than ready to receive it. Single friends, I think you will be delighted to learn that masturbation is, in general, accepted. Is it me, or is it hot there?

3. The advantages of mixing

It is therefore the ideal entry point into the libertine environment for novice couples. This is a good warm-up before discovering the other joys that this environment offers. These may seem a little too intrusive or direct for a first approach. In addition, if you feel a certain jealousy emerging at the idea of letting a third person interfere in the privacy of your other half, let yourself be tempted by the adventure anyway. Indeed (and as a reminder), it is not allowed to visit interiors other than that of your lover as an aficionado of this practice. On the other hand, mixing is a good way to spice up your sex life. This perhaps suffers from a certain routine, making your cuddly moments more mechanical than anything else, in the long run. Rekindling desire to improve quality of life is a good idea. Be careful however, trust must be and remain the key word to be able to evolve in libertinage. Separating love and sex is also essential. Finally, if your relationship is on the rocks, it is not advisable to try libertinism, whatever the type. You risk doing worse rather than better, say many sexologists.

4. Where to practice mixing?

There are a plethora of clubs and libertine places offering mixing sessions. In general, these are quite refined places, in terms of welcome and decoration, and which you only enter by invitation or co-optation. The proliferation of specialized dating sites and applications also offers you the possibility of finding the ideal evening (or organizing it, why not). And how can we not mention the naturist village of Cap d’Agde and its recognized establishments. The Mediterranean seaside resort welcomes libertines from all over the world for hot moments

If mixing tempts you, don’t hesitate to contact the Cap d’Agde Studio team to rent accommodation and find the right partners to practice it.