Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Swinging, To Practice in Cap D’Agde or Elsewhere

Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Swinging, To Practice In Cap D’Agde Or Elsewhere

Relationships, human in general, and sexual in particular, are interesting in that they obey the desires and ways of functioning specific to each individual. When two or more people agree on how to give free rein to certain fantasies, they might as well take advantage of this osmosis to spend a pleasant time between consenting adults. Dear readers, here is the first in a series of articles devoted to the different festivities that fans of libertinism have the opportunity to enjoy. People wishing to spice up their life as a couple can, in fact, try swinging, in Cap d’Agde of course, but not only. This practice, like any game, erotic or not, must however be governed by certain rules to take place with complete confidence and without the slightest reluctance on the part of any of the participants. Let’s see, here, the few points to highlight so that you can indulge in it with full knowledge of the facts. Perhaps this will awaken the naughty girl in you and fuel your desire to discover other ways of experiencing your antics, who knows?

1. Definition and brief history of swinging

As its name suggests, it is an exchange of partners between two couples (or more) during an intimate relationship. The new “pairs” then have the opportunity to frolic together or in separate rooms, but always in close proximity, in general. In the collective imagination, swinging could see the light of day as far back as Roman antiquity. We all have in mind orgy scenes (thank you literature and cinema) during which food, wine and sexual acts mix. However, it seems that the era was more about free sexuality than swingers. The man could afford the services of numerous prostitutes, while the lady called upon castrated slaves (so as not to become pregnant) in order to satisfy her desires. Even if the Renaissance saw the appearance of libertinism in response to the numerous prohibitions dictated by the Church, it seems that it was in the 1950s that soldiers began to practice swinging as we know it today. It is from this time that we find traces of the first dedicated clubs. In the 1960s, the invention of the contraceptive pill and sexual liberation obviously contributed to the rise of the libertine movement and therefore of the field that interests us here. Since the end of the 90s and the birth of the internet, many swingers dating sites have emerged on the web. The latter, thanks in particular to the development of applications for smartphones, have allowed many naughty men and women to take the plunge and enter this world.

2. Swinging couples: criteria and recommendations

The swinging couple can naturally be:

  • heterosexual;
  • homosexual;
  • bisexual;
  • transgender; etc

  • To define oneself as such, it is absolutely necessary that both members are, of course, consenting and trust each other completely. From the moment one of them experiences the slightest reluctance or jealousy to see their other half in the arms (or any other part of the body) of a third person, it is strongly recommended for the survival of the relationship, to redefine everyone’s expectations. Perhaps it is time to stop the adventure and put out the torch (for Koh-Lanta fans). On the other hand, there is no need to remember that the partner exchange happens at the same time and in the same place. The whole point of swinging lies in seeing or feeling your loved one experiencing pleasure with someone else while you do the same. Finally, it is necessary to clearly separate love and sex. We are excited during the act and we enjoy the moment, but we are even happier to return home in the company of our loved one. For novice libertines, mixing is a good introduction to getting the hang of it (if I dare say so). It can help you see if you are inclined to have more in-depth erotic experiences.

3. The codes to respect when practicing swinging in Cap d’Agde and elsewhere

First of all, we can only advise you enough to have a good discussion with your partner. It is important to know and respect your partner’s expectations (and vice versa) to throw yourself headlong into swinging. If you are on the same wavelength, you will certainly have the most delicious time. There is also a certain requirement in this practice. It is not uncommon that to be invited to a swingers party (yes, the libertine is more of a night owl), you have to be invited, or even co-opted, into some cases (for beginners). In fact, regular couples enjoy a certain notoriety in this environment via various rating systems. This makes it easier for them to be invited to these kinds of events. Then, it all starts with exchanges of glances. We start gently, we chat, we charm each other to see if the flow flows. When all the members of each couple feel that the excitement is at its peak and that all the lights are green to go further, the madness can begin. Important information to finish: it is important to put in place a key word, phrase or gesture to let your partner know that you no longer feel comfortable and that you want to stop.

4. Places to practice it

In France, there are a number of libertine clubs and places where you can indulge in swinging. You can also participate in or organize private parties at home. Finally, how can we not talk about the naturist village of Cap d’Agde? The world-famous seaside resort offers you, within it, a multitude of establishments giving you the opportunity to experience your sexuality as you wish. On this subject, do you know the 9 experiences you absolutely must have there?

You now know a little more about swinging, in Cap d’Agde and in all the places dedicated to this practice. The entire Cap D’Agde Studio team will see you soon on the blog to discover other ways to experience your libertinism.