Candaulist Practice: Pleasure of Giving, Joy of Receiving

Candaulist Practice: Pleasure Of Giving, Joy Of Receiving

Our series of articles devoted to the different celebrations which define the contours of libertinage has already introduced you to libertine practices, perhaps unknown to some of you. If you are reading these lines, it is because they have piqued your curiosity and your desire to learn even more. But then, are there still other ways to satisfy your fantasies, you ask us? Are there other ways to spice up a sex life that has become a little too conventional for your tastes? Don’t worry, there are still a few in stock. After swinging, exhibitionism and other voyeurism, today, let us talk to you about candaulism. In this publication, we will return to the origins of this rather enigmatic word. We will also see how and where to indulge in it with complete confidence and kindness with your partner. This will eventually make you want to try this naughty adventure in the naturist village of Cap d’Agde or elsewhere. If this is not the case, you will at least have something to shine in society and revive a boring conversation thanks to this subject which will, for sure, allow you to benefit from a few pairs of attentive ears. The evening could take a completely different turn, who knows?

1. What is candaulism

Caudalism (by its other pretty little name) is a sexual practice which consists of loving, nay, experiencing excitement by seeing one’s partner having intimate relations with a third person. In absolute terms, we speak of a candaulist to designate someone who feels an extreme desire rising while watching his or her sweetheart frolic in the arms of someone else, but be careful, without participate in the act. He or she only thrives on being a very attentive spectator. Nothing to do with swinging or other sensual group activities, therefore. Above all, it is the pleasure for the eyes that counts. For some, the simple fact of seeing that their other half is attracting interest from people in the street, for example, can be enough to give them satisfaction. The subject contemplated and totally consenting, is intoxicated by this sensation of provoking in the other an obvious erotic warmth. He then feels invested with the mission of giving his heart (and body) joy to provide even more pleasure to his or her darling.

2. A little culture

Etymologically speaking, it comes from the Greek Kandaulos, which means to show (always very naughty, these Greeks). This term has its origins in Antiquity. It is taken from the name of King Candaules who reigned over Lydia, an ancient region of Asia Minor bordered by the Aegean Sea, in the 8th century BC. He found Nyssia, his wife, so beautiful that he could not resist the urge to offer her, especially at bedtime, in sight of one of these faithful bodyguards, Gyges. The latter witnessed the scene hidden behind the bedroom door. The queen noticed this, but pretended not to have noticed anything. The story ended badly for poor Candaule since his wife, who felt humiliated, ordered Gyges to kill him and take his place on the throne (and in the marital bed, at the same time). Fortunately for fans of libertinism, nowadays, candaulism only focuses on the “observation” part. Another time, other customs.

3. The different ways of practicing candaulism

As in all other activities in the libertine world, there are different ways to approach candaulism and indulge in it:”

  • Do it together. The classic way, we might say, in which one of the two spouses is doing good in the company of a guest while the other watches. Note that this practice can be confused with voyeurism. The difference is that the candaulist does not hide to contemplate this hot show (or hot show, you can take it in any direction, it works).
  • Excite your partner (knowingly of course) by telling and/or showing videos and photos of their extramarital antics.
  • Et pour les plus extrémistes (voire sadomasochistes), il est même possible de se consacrer au cuckolding. Ce mot vient de la traduction anglaise du coucou (cuckoo), oiseau qui pond ses œufs dans le nid d’une autre espèce quand celle-ci n’y est pas. Le ou la candauliste, en plus de regarder son ou sa partenaire dans les bras de quelqu’un sans pouvoir participer, aime à se faire dominer, humilier, insulter. Avis aux plus téméraires !

4. Cuckolding, a more masculine fantasy?

We’re not going to lie to each other, it seems that seeing your wife desired by other men and offering herself to them for their sole pleasure is rather a male obsession, indeed. The male gender is excited by this practice, all the more so because these gentlemen know that their beloved always comes back to them. Their ego only comes out more flattered. However, as mentalities evolve (and for the better) it is less and less rare to see the roles reversed. The most important thing in libertinage is that all its “disciplines” take place with respect and kindness and above all that the naughty men and women feel free to end their little games whenever they want, without any pressure from the the other. This requires flawless communication to know each person’s exact expectations in this area.

5. Where and when to let go?

There are obviously a plethora of libertine clubs in which to satisfy one’s caudalist inclinations. If you want to learn even more about this practice, know that there is a site dedicated to candaulism on which you will find a lot of information. And if you want to try this in an even warmer and more unbridled environment, we can only advise you enough to take a trip to the naturist village of Cap d’Agde to enjoy the incredible atmosphere that reigns there, both in all establishments on the famous Bay of Pigs.

The entire Cap d’Agde studios team is at your disposal to find you the best accommodation for a stay full of emotions and to allow you to indulge in candaulism with complete peace of mind.