9 Experiences To Live At The Naturist Village Of Cap D’Agde

le glamour beach au cap d'adde vu du ciel

For some time now, you have been hearing about this seaside resort in Occitanie. For many years it has attracted libertines from all over the world. This arouses your curiosity more and more. It’s decided, for your next vacation, you want to go and check for yourself if this place dedicated to parties between consenting adults lives up to its reputation. Alone, as a couple or with friends, you can come and satisfy your wildest fantasies, but always with respect and kindness. Some of you may be lucky enough to be able to go there with regular naughty people. Those capable of showing you the places. For others, here is an anthology of activities at the naturist village of Cap d’Agde that you absolutely must do. By following this program, you will have the feeling of having enjoyed to the fullest the pleasures that this atypical place on the Mediterranean coast has to offer. What memories you will have, to share, however, only with an informed public!

1. Stroll around the port in the early evening

We start gently with this little end-of-day walk in the middle of Port Ambonne or Port Nature. The classic little drink (to drink) on the terrace allows you to admire beautiful boats. Above all, we can witness the parade of night owls having donned ever more extravagant outfits to reach all the party establishments. A real spectacle that allows you to get into the atmosphere of Cape Town. This portends a long and torrid night. And you, have you thought about a particular dress code?
If your heart (or body) tells you something, don’t hesitate to learn more about naturism in Cap d’Agde.

port du Cap d'Agde, activités au village
femme dan le plus simple appareil, activités village naturiste du Cap d'Agde

2. Go shopping before enjoying the activities at the naturist village of Cap d’Agde

Here, the trend is certainly not to want to spend a vacation “neither seen nor naked”. So, even if it means enjoying an original stay, you might as well play the game to the fullest. Why not take a look at the many alluring ready-to-wear boutiques and other sex shops? Whether you have a very precise idea of the look you want to adopt for your wild evenings or you are lacking inspiration, it is certain that you will find what you are looking for in these many businesses. Once you have put on your luminary clothes, it’s up to you to choose who will have the chance to take them off.

3. Try the pool party at the Jardin de Babylone

This is one of the most festive residences in Cap d’Agde. Rather reserved for heterosexual couples, this establishment includes a bar and restaurant area, a jacuzzi. Above all, it offers a large heated swimming pool around which huge, renowned pool parties are organized. Needless to say, lovers of libertinism and exhibitionism will swim in happiness during these events organized throughout the season. Come and have fun there to the sound of excellent music played by the DJ, everything is there to have an excellent afternoon.

le glamour beach au cap d'agde, piscine
le glamour beach au capd'

4. Try the foam afternoons at Glamor beach

Does still water mean nothing to you? The 2000 liters of foam dumped every day from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. around the Glamor Beach pool add even more fun to your summer days. Cocktail in hand, get moving on the dancefloor and have a pleasant time mixing sun, music and pleasures of all kinds. You can also sneak in and meet new people in the jacuzzi. Don’t wait any longer to find out about Glamor Beach.

5. Have a drink at the Melrose Bar

After dinner and before ending the evening at the club, take a trip to this trendy bar which will delight couples or single women looking for a torrid atmosphere. Don’t be afraid to rub shoulders with other customers to raise the temperature a little more. This, while witnessing the spectacle of customers who improvise as pole dance artists by clinging to the vertical bars, pushed by the Electro House music brilliantly distilled by DJ NOLA. Be prepared to wait a bit in line to get in, but it’s worth it.

s'embrasser pour pimenter sa vie de couple

6. Warm up during a before party at the Paralia beach club

Imagine starting your evening in front of a fine sand beach, a cocktail or a glass of champagne in hand. Let yourself be carried away by quality electro music. It’s the ideal place to start your nighttime activities. You will realize, if this was not already the case, that in Cap d’Agde we know how to party. The night has quite a few surprises in store for those who want to let themselves be seduced by the atmosphere and put aside all inhibitions.
To be completely convinced, you can take a look at this video.
The Paralia Beach club is accessible via the naturist beach for pedestrians, but also by car via the entrance to the CHM René Oltra

7. Go wild on the Bay of Pigs

Combining swimming in the Mediterranean, sunbathing and various naughtiness is entirely possible on this part of the naturist beach. It also lives up to its name very well. Exhibitionists and voyeurists meet there knowingly and indulge without restraint in their favorite activities. Pranksters from all over the world have already heard of this place where the word libertinage really takes on its full meaning. Little health tips:

  • Remember to hydrate yourself. The heat rises quickly, not just because of summer temperatures.
  • Provide adequate sun protection, it is generally the extremities that take first.


Before coming to set foot on the sand, learn everything there is to know about the naturist beach of Cap d’Agde.

plage libertine, activité au village naturiste du Cap d'Agde
9 Experiences To Live At The Naturist Village Of Cap D’Agde

8. Discover the Glamor evenings

Welcome to one of the biggest libertine clubs in Europe. You can come and experience crazy evenings dedicated to eroticism. A place of celebration and fun in the broad sense, fans of pleasures as varied as fetishism, candaulism or swinging have come to the right place. It’s also the ideal place to put on your sexiest and most beautiful outfits. Those that you will have found during your shopping in the village (hence the interest in reading this article from the beginning). At Glamour, if you find yourself in an increasingly cuddly mood, know that dedicated spaces allow couples to get to know each other better until the early hours. There is even a section reserved for trios. More the merrier, the merrier !

9. Let loose in Chiaroscuro

Finally, slip into your leather, vinyl or latex outfits (or at least black for those who are more cautious). Let your SM and BDSM inclinations shine out in this private club, tinged with elegance and refinement. Terrific evenings bearing the sweet names of “Constraints and Punishments” or “Domina Night” can only keep their promises in this temple of libertinage pushed to its paroxysm.

It’s a safe bet that by participating in all these activities at the naturist village of Cap d’Agde, you will be totally satisfied, but perhaps a little tired. So consider booking your accommodation with Cap d’Agde Studio and finding the perfect place to recover from your emotions… or deepen relationships with certain people, why not?