3 Ways to Indulge in Naturism

3 Ways To Indulge In Naturism

We must start by defining this notion. If we stick to what the International Naturism Federation says, it is “a way of living in harmony with nature, characterized by the practice of nudity in common, which aims to promote respect of oneself, of others and of the environment. In other words, this true philosophy aims to allow those who indulge in it to recreate communion with the world, human beings in mind. This, in a spirit of tolerance, kindness and above all without any judgment. The benefits we get from it are multiple. Self-confidence, an increased intake of vitamin D synonymous with increased energy, or even an improvement in personal hygiene due to the fact that in the simplest device we perhaps pay a little more attention to our body and therefore to his health. All this is also part of a more ecological approach. Practicing naturism can, however, have a different meaning for each of us. Here are several ways to devote yourself to it.

s'adonner au naturisme

1. Start living naked at home

For the novice naturist, there are sometimes a few barriers to break down before being able to fully benefit from the benefits of this way of looking at life. It may be necessary to start gently by getting naked in a familiar place with loved ones. Training at home is a good way to learn to rediscover your body and accept the small imperfections which can often lead to complexes. The fact of walking around in Eve or Adam outfit, more and more often and at any time of the day (and night, sleeping naked is an excellent starting point) allows us to become aware of the well-being that we can feel while evolving in our environment without any textile obstacle between ourselves and what surrounds us. We feel more relaxed and comfortable in our skin. Be careful, however, not to take too many risks by exposing yourself to the sight of your neighbors. This can be considered non-consensual exhibitionism and is punishable by law.

2. Practice naturism in dedicated spaces

In order to fully devote yourself to this new passion, there are many naturist camps, centers or villages all over France. These are places where everything is done above all to commune with nature and other practitioners, without prejudice. There is obviously a code of good conduct to be scrupulously respected so that everyone can feel free, relaxed and happy to move around naked like a worm without apprehension. To be sure not to make a mistake and to have a pleasant time in the place that meets your expectations, there are naturist associations to join. The latter have done everything to select a number of places meeting certain criteria of quality and “knowledge of living naked”. In particular thanks to the establishment of charters of good conduct. These rules to be respected generally include obligations such as, among others:

  • The practice of family naturism, healthy and natural.
  • Respect for each individual and demonstrate tolerance.
  • The preservation of nature and the environment.
  • Respect for nudity obviously while taking into account the apprehensions of certain people, such as adolescents or anyone new to naturism.
  • The formal prohibition of any voyeuristic or exhibitionist attitude.


For those who are a little tickled by the last point and who wish to experience another form of naturism that is a little more naughty, rest assured, it must be possible!

pratiquer le naturisme dans un endroit dédié
pratiquer le naturisme au cap d'Agde

3. Go further and dare to cross the cape… of Agde

Even if nudity remains the golden rule in the village and on the beach of Cap d’Agde, here we are talking more about libertinism. Camp regulars advocating the values of conventional naturism have no interest in coming to set foot on the sand of this part of the Mediterranean coast. They might also be quite shocked. On the other hand, aficionados of this way of seeing relationships between human beings come from all over the world to taste the joys of a different stay. An enchanted parenthesis during which many barriers are removed to allow one’s wildest desires and fantasies to be expressed. Swinging, mixing or even candaulism are practiced with complete confidence in establishments and even stretches of beach (ah the famous Bay of Pigs) provided for this purpose. In the naturist village of Cap d’Agde, we find:

  • Bars, private clubs and discos.
  • Boutiques and sexshops to find the right outfits and accessories.
  • Swimming pools, saunas and other jacuzzis.

Everything is designed to vary the pleasures always between consenting people and showing deep respect for their fellow human beings.

The curious can first learn more about the history of the naturist village of Cap d’Agde. Afterwards, why not come and enjoy a vacation that will certainly leave them with lasting memories?